Monday, December 19, 2011

Who's Your Best Friend?

I have to start out this week’s blog with a huge shout out to my other amazingly wonderful babysitter, Samantha!  She saved my sanity this weekend and I have to give her a big thank you!  Dave had to go to Florida for the weekend and while I’m used to taking care of the girls by myself all week, I desperately look forward to the weekends when not only do I have Dave’s help with the girls, but we get to be together as a family.  Unfortunately, he had to go this weekend and I knew I was going to be exhausted.  But, Samantha came to babysit for 2 hours Saturday morning and again 2 hours Sunday morning and it definitely made a difference in my surviving the weekend alone!  So, Samantha, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!!  And for everyone else, if you can afford it, I highly recommend having a babysitter, even for just a few hours a week.  It really helps you as a mom replenish, have sometime for yourself and I think, be a better mom.
Anyway, onto this week’s big news…I LOVE having twins!  It’s getting so fun!  Of course it’s still ridiculously hard, but let me tell you what they do now that makes me just want to eat them up.  Ever since the girls were teeny tiny babies, I created a morning ritual where I would go into their room, sing a made-up good morning song, and then tell Zoey that Kayala is her best friend and tell Kayla that Zoey is her best friend.  I know there’s the natural twin bond, but I want to make sure the girls know that they come first for each other.  I think down the road, especially since girls can be so vicious to each other, Kayla and Zoey will be so thankful for each other.  I just figured I might as well reinforce that as early as possible!  Anyway, now when I say to Zoey, “Who’s your best friend?”  She immediately looks around, finds Kayla, points to her and says what kind of sounds like “Kayla.”  And when I ask Kayla, she also looks around, finds Zoey and points to her.  She kind of grunts rather than says Zoey’s name, but Zoey is definitely more verbal.  Either way, I know who she means.  And this is by far, the most delicious thing they have done so far!  It makes me think everyone should have twins!  And that’s all I have to say today! 

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