Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Head Injuries

Two funny stories:

The other day, maybe a week or two ago, I was in the girls’ bedroom with their sitter Emma, getting ready to put them to bed.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Zoey started hysterically crying.  Kayla was in the bedroom next door which we have turned into a playroom and came running in when she heard Zoey crying.  Emma and I both asked Zoey what happened but she was crying and couldn’t speak.  So, Kayla decided to try to tell us in her own language what happened.  The problem is her own language is just that, her very own that no one, including Zoey, seems to understand very well.  However, she started pointing while she was telling us, adding in a few real words here and there, and finally Emma and I understood.  According to Kayla, Zoey stood up but hit her head on the dresser and that’s why she was crying.  Once Kayla had explained herself she ran over to Zoey and gave her a kiss on her head.  That seemed to cheer Zoey up right away which was adorable.  However, Kayla completely made this story up because she wasn’t even in the room when whatever happened to Zoey happened.  Too cute!

While Kayla is trying to make Zoey feel better, Zoey is trying to hurt Kayla.  Well, I shouldn’t say it like that because I don’t think it was totally on purpose.  I think Zoey is starting to explore her physical abilities more and maybe isn’t realizing that her abilities can hurt Kayla?  I don’t know, I just think Zoey is so delicious that it pains me to see her act like a beast, but it’s been happening!  This weekend I went out for a run while Dave was with the girls.  When I came back he told me that Zoey hit Kayla on her head with a toy bus.  And it seemed like it was pretty much on purpose.  Dave handled it like a champ and got Zoey to apologize to Kayla, give her a kiss and then he took the bus away and wouldn’t let Zoey play with it.  It hasn’t happened again since, but I think these stories go to show the differences in my girls!  I wonder when it will all change again?!

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