Monday, January 23, 2012

2 Sick Babies

So, I have 2 sick babies at home and it sucks.  I feel so badly for them and I feel so badly for me too.  There’s just nothing worse than being stuck in your house all day for the last 4 days, trying to make both babies feel better but failing miserably.  I guess on the bright side it’s better to have them sick at the same time and get it over with rather than have 1 sick baby and just when she’s all better, have another sick baby.  But, still, this sucks!  This is one of the times when having twins is not so fun.  And while the girls are still cute and delicious, it’s just plain sad.  IN fact, here’s one of the sadder stories I have to tell so far:
As I’ve mentioned before, the girls are starting to talk, Zoey more so than Kayla.  So, it’s starting to get easier to figure out what they want.  Rather, I should say what they don’t want.  The girls seem to have a virus with runny noses, a little cough and fever.  So, periodically, throughout the day I’ve been taking their temperature to determine if I should give them Tylenol.  It seems that Zoey doesn’t really like having her temperature taken, and to be honest, I don’t blame her.  I would not like the thermometer where I put it either.  Anyway, last night as Dave and I are getting the girls ready for a bath, I took Zoey’s temperature and she started hysterically crying.  Through her sobs she started whimpering, “All done, all done.”  I thought I was going to lose it and start crying myself.  I felt so badly for her.  And she just kept repeating over and over, “all done all done.”  Obviously she wanted to me to be finished taking her temperature.  I felt horrible!  And now she has continued to do this today anytime I have taken her temperature.  It’s killing me!  I cannot wait for this virus to pass!
So, here’s some advice for when you have sick twin babies at home with you:  1.  DO watch Elmo, or any other TV show like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Kelly, Sean and Brett, that’s for you guys!), which seems to be one of the only things that calms Zoey down after the temperature fiasco and distracts the girls form not feeling well!  2.  DO NOT take their temperature any more than necessary!  3.  And DO, if possible, hire your babysitter to come over and deal with the babies while you treat yourself to some pampering like a manicure and a glass of wine.  I cannot wait for Emma to come here tomorrow afternoon!  Wish me luck everyone and hope that the girls both feel better soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for School...Almost!

Oh my Gd, I just got back from registering the girls for nursery school for next year!  This feels crazy!  I cannot believe I will have two 2-year olds that will be in school!  I had the option of doing 2, 3 or 4 mornings per week and I have decided on 4 mornings.  I am so excited for the girls, but secretly (or not so secretly since I’m blogging about it!) I am super excited for me too!!  I’m just having a tough time picturing what they will be like 8 months from now, going off to school on their own!  I wonder if they’ll be similar to the way they are now, which as I’ve mentioned before is so different.  In fact, lately, I’m noticing their differences even more.
This weekend Dave and I finally put together this adorable tree house we got for the girls birthday from a few of our friends.  We originally thought we would wait and set it up outside in the spring but the girls we decided to just do it now in our basement.  And as soon as were set it up, all on her own, Kayla taught herself to climb the three steps to the top, turn around onto her butt and then slide down the slide!  We were literally awed!  Of course Zoey could not do this by herself and needed help climbing up and then switching to go down the slide.  But in the same day, she repeated several ridiculously hard words, like Hanukkah and mascara!  So, I truly feel like I have one very physical girl and one very verbal girl.  I am dying to see if this trend will continue when they are older.  Maybe Kayla will be more of the athlete and Zoey will be a literary genius!  Only time will tell….

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good morning Zoey!

Okay, so I owe Kayla an apology (especially if she ever reads my blog when she learns how to read!).  The last few days she has been getting better for sure!  In fact, she’s also been starting to try to repeat words a little bit more, with some more success, so maybe her behavior is related to her frustration.  Either way, whatever it is, let me tell you a super cute story that happened the other day:
On Sunday morning, the girls slept a little later than usual, more like 7:15 am.  We heard Kayla much more so than Zoey so Dave crept into their room and grabbed Kayla to let Zoey sleep a little longer, especially since she had woken up around 5 am for a few minutes.  Anyway, as soon as Dave brought Kayla into our room, she kept grunting and pointing towards the door.  Dave opened our door and let her walk and she walked right to her room.  She tried to open her door, but Dave grabbed her and brought her back to our room.  This happened another 2 times.  Finally, I said to just let Kayla go and let’s see what she does.  She literally ran to her room, opened her door and ran up to Zoey’s crib, where Zoey was still sleeping.  Kayla poked her hand through the bars in Zoey’s crib and started poking Zoey and hysterically laughing!  Of course this finally woke up Zoey who saw Kayla, gave the biggest smile and started waving at her!  Then, the 2 girls started trying to kiss each other through Zoey’s crib!  It was delicious!  This week’s a good week to have twins!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe its 2012!  As much as I wish I could start out this year on an optimistic and positive note, I kind of can’t.  Lately, Kayla is driving me nuts!  Literally, I feel like I could be going insane!  However, one of my New Year resolutions is to have more patience with Kayla.  In order to do that with her physically, I must blog right now about what is going on.  This way, hopefully I will actually have more patience with her when she wakes up from her nap!
I will start out by saying that when Kayla is in a good mood, she is ridiculously delicious!  I know I might be biased, but I genuinely think she is an absolutely fabulous little 16 month old.  But, I guess that’s just it…she’s still only 16 months old.  And, technically, since she was a preemie, she’s really only 14.5 months old.  But, still, I wish she would be happy all the time!  When she is “bad,” she is really bad!
Her newest thing is all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she will sprawl herself out on the floor, face down, and cry hysterically for what seems to me, to be for no reason.  I have tried everything in order to stop this from happening or at least help stop it while it is happening.  I’ve ignored her, I’ve picked her up, I’ve tried to get Zoey to make nice to her, but nothing seems to work.  She throws her fit and eventually it passes.
Now, of course, I have tried to rationalize this ridiculous behavior too!  So far I’ve come up with the following reasons as to why my amazingly fantastic child becomes the devil’s spawn every so often:
1.        She is getting a mouthful of teeth at the same time.  Now, I know this sounds like an excuse that every parent uses at some point, but I actually really think she’s getting a bunch of teeth at once.  And, that does not sound like fun!
2.       She is going through the terrible two’s and it is what it is
3.       She’s going through a growth spurt right now and could be in pain or is super hungry or super tired and this makes her super cranky
4.       She’s getting frustrated that she’s not really talking too much yet.  Kayla can communicate somewhat with her needs and desires, but Zoey is much more verbal and I’m thinking Kayla is getting very frustrated that I don’t know exactly what she wants or needs.  Sorry Kayla, but believe me, I wish you could just tell me what it is already too!!
5.       She’s still experiencing stranger anxiety and/or overstimulation.  I have noticed that she seems more comfortable in smaller areas with fewer toys, but the problem is, this theory doesn’t always hold true.  I’ve also noticed she’s more comfortable with moms and kids she knows, but again, this isn’t always the case.
So, whatever the reason is, I’m really hoping that within the first few weeks of 2012, Kayla and/or I figure it out and make it better.  I want this for my sake, for her sake and for Zoey’s sake.  Poor Zoey ends up taking heat from these tantrums as well.  In general, Zoey has always been a more mild-tempered, easy going person and I can’t blame her when she sees Kayla cry hysterically, get picked up and then want the same thing to happen to her!  But, I know I’m lucky that in general, Zoey is always pretty good!  Not to say that Kayla is bad, but let’s just call it more high maintenance!  I truly do love my girls equally, but I’m hoping things get a little easier soon!