Thursday, March 29, 2012


The videos I mentioned yesterday are up on facebook.  Please click the Facebook icon on the right side of the blog to be able to view them!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Getting Good!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a week or two, but having 2 19-month old girls is totally a full-time job!  I feel like I never sit down anymore!  But, as tiring as it is, the good news is, twins is getting better and better!  I am hoping I can figure out a way to post 2 of the cutest videos I can, but in the meantime, I will briefly explain 3 events that have taken place in the last 2 weeks that have made me once again, so thankful I have twins!

I was out to dinner with the girls, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew at one of my favorite spots, The Mixed Grill, in Plainview.  I love going out to eat there because the food is good, but they’re really great about kids there.  Anyway, we were all eating and Zoey told me she pooped (oh yeah, they’ve fully started telling me when they poop, at least once in a while) and I had to go change her in the trunk of my car (the one bad thing about Mixed Grill is no changing table in the bathroom).  Anyway, when we came back in she wouldn’t go back in her high chair.  Instead she sat on my lap, stuck her hand in my water cup and splashed Kayla who was sitting next to us in her highchair.  Kayla started cracking up and they continued to play this game for a good 5 minutes!  It was hysterical!  We were all drenched by the end of it, but oh my God, seeing them actually play together and entertaining each other so much was worth the wet clothes!

The, about a week ago, during the gorgeous weather we were having, my amazing babysitter, Emma, took the girls to the playground in my development.  ON the way home she actually got them to hold hands.  And, they didn’t just grab each others’ hands for a second and let go.  They walked hand in hand from the playground all the way home, and would not let go of each other.  I’m so sad I missed it, but since Emma is the best babysitter ever, she took a video of it.  Like I said, I will try to post it either here or on twinsplicity’s facebook page so you can see it!

And, finally, on Monday of this week I was home with the girls and my parents and we were playing in the living room after dinner.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Kayla ran up to Zoey and gave her a full arms around the shoulders hug and leaned her head on Zoey’s shoulder.  Me and my parents were dying and said “Ahhhhh.”  Kayla laughed at us and proceeded to hug Zoey while saying “ahhhh” about 10 times!  It was magical!

Needless to say, as difficult as having 2 babies, or should I say toddlers, can be, its moments like these that totally make it all worth it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If the Shoe Fits...Or in this Case, Doesn't!

So, I have recently blogged about how my girls have totally changed personalities.  While I still hold this is true, there may be some reasons behind this change, that to be honest, I can’t believe took me so long to figure out!  Let me explain…
Zoey has started throwing some fits or tantrums, the way Kayla used to.  However, Zoey’s fits seem worse because at least with Kayla, if I picked her up she calmed down.  There seems to be no calming Zoey down.  At least that’s what I thought!  One day last week though, Zoey started throwing another fit for what seemed like no reason, I had to leave a restaurant, she continued to scream in the car and didn’t stop until we got into the house and I took off her shoes.  Her shoes!!  All of a sudden Zoey calmed down and actually started rubbing her feet.  I noticed as I was taking off her sneaker that her foot seemed all curled up and scrunched in the sneaker.  Then I also realized my girls are wearing the same pair of size 4 sneakers I bought them back in September or October when they started walking.  Could it be that since I haven’t bought them new sneakers, I was the reason for Zoey’s tantrums?  I don’t want to jinx it, but it appears to be the case!
I took the girls for new sneakers, size 5, on Friday, and since then I am happy to report Zoey has not thrown a fit.  Now, that’s not to say that she still hasn’t been demonstrating some of Kayla’s , how do I say, unattractive traits, like telling me “No” for everything.  But I’ll take the word, “no” over the tantrums any day!  Of course I now feel like a horrible mother that I let my poor Zoey walk around in shoes that were too small for at least 2 weeks.  But, hey, I am a first time mom and I guess mistakes like this are bound to happen.  Right?!  Needless to say, the girls are now in shoes that fit, seem happier and I am a little relieved.  Who would have thought it was all about the shoes?!  And surprisingly, Kayla’s feet are measuring a half size bigger than Zoey, but apparently, small shoes don’t seem ot bother her as much.  When will I ever figure twins out?!

Monday, March 5, 2012

To Push or Not to Push

So, my husband recently got an I-phone and he is obsessed with it!  This weekend we were in the girls room right after they woke up and Dave decided to video them playing.  All of a sudden, my back was turned, and the next thing I know, Kayla is crying.  I look at Dave and he’s like, “Let’s go to the videotape!”  We watched back what he taped and fully saw Zoey push Kayla not once, but twice, kind of hard!  Kayla fell backwards and that’s when she started crying.  Now, granted, I think Kayla has to toughen up a little.  It’s pretty obvious to me that their roles have switched so Kayla needs to learn to stand up for herself the same way Zoey learned!  But, Zoey should not have pushed her.  The amazing thing is though, that no matter how rough they get with each other, they seem to know not to act like that with their friends.  Twins are really ridiculous!  Of course I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched the tape, especially after seeing Zoey try to act all innocent! And then of course, in true Kayla fashion, she tried to milk it later in the day by fake crying every time Zoey touched her and running immediately to me or Dave.  It was cute but a little absurd!   I think this week will be a good week to have twins!