Monday, September 12, 2011

And so it begins....

Okay everyone, my first real twins blog entry!  Where do I start?  I guess the beginning would be the best part, but when you have twins, somehow directions, time, basically everything feels upside down at times!  But, I’ll try my best!
My husband and I have been together since I’m 18 years old.  We met in college, the first week of my freshman year actually, and that was it!  We lived in Manhattan for almost 7 years and then decided we were absolutely busting out of our 1 bedroom apartment.  I think the luggage in the living room and the golf clubs right next to the kitchen/dining room table gave us the hint.  We decided to move to Long Island and this to me meant get pregnant.  I was definitely one of those naïve girls who assumed getting pregnant would be super easy so I was ready ASAP!  My husband was a little more sensible and decided we needed to make sure we could afford our mortgage before we jumped on the baby train.  We moved in October, started trying in January and by May we still weren’t pregnant.  We had been having a lot of fun trying, and I mean A LOT OF FUN trying!  But, I was starting to get frustrated.
Since I commuted to Manhattan but had summers off, we decided to go to a fertility clinic to get tested.  This way, when they told us nothing was wrong, we figured mentally, we’d just get pregnant.  But, after tests and being told nothing was wrong with either of us, we still didn’t get pregnant.  So, our fertility journey began with using chlomid and timing intercourse ourselves.
That didn’t work.
Then we tried an IUI, which is basically artificial insemination and guess what…
That didn’t work either.
Next step, IVF.  I assumed, especially since nothing was wrong, that was going to work.  But,
The first round did not work.
After that dreaded phone call about not being pregnant once again, I let myself really cry.  I asked my husband if he knew this was going to happen if he still would have married me.  I asked him if he wanted out of the marriage too.  He of course said no and so the next day I decided to go for another IVF round.  And…
That one worked!  To Be Continued…..


  1. You are amazing Carrie! I am so excited to support you through your journey of blogging. You have done an amazing job with your girls.

    Love always,

  2. Great job...but now I'm in suspense! Just kidding. Love it! What a journey...glad I could be there with you the whole way.