Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding out

Finding out I was finally pregnant was the best phone call I think I ever received!  Basically, on a Monday I was scheduled for my first blood test, but I was not supposed to find out any results.  I was also scheduled for a second blood test 2 days later, on Wednesday, and that’s when I would hear the good or bad news (the reason you have to wait the 2 days is for the doctors to ensure your hormone levels are going up to indicate a true pregnancy).  But, before I continue this part of my story, I have to take a time out and briefly discuss my nurses and doctors and my fertility place.
For those of you who have gone through fertility treatments, you understand what it’s like.  For those of you who haven’t, it sucks!  You get poked and prodded every other day during your cycle to see how your follicles are responding to the meds you’re taking.  And the meds are a lot to take.  You take shots and suppositories and your husband gives you shots.  But, of course, once you get pregnant, it’s all worth it!  And I truly don’t think I would have gotten through it without my personal IVF nurse and doctor at my fertility place.  My nurse was my best friend throughout the process.  Literally, she was my best friend.  I never felt like an annoying patient when I called with questions and somehow I always got off the phone or left the office feeling positive.  My doctor was the most gentle, optimistic yet realistic and trustworthy man I know, besides my husband!  When this was all over, I actually asked my doctor if he could stay on as my OB/GYN, but unfortunately, he could not.  Anyway, the point is my nurse and doctor made this whole horrible process a little bit easier to manage and I owe them everything!
Back to the phone call….After I got to work that Monday morning, I actually called the fertility billing department with a few questions.  They had to call me back so of course, as during this entire process, I had my cell phone with me at all times!  When the phone rang and the fertility number came up on my ID, I assumed it was the billing department calling to answer my questions.  Instead, it was my nurse and my doctor both on the phone.  At first, when I heard their voices, my heart sank.  I thought to myself, “I can’t believe it didn’t work again.”  Instead, they told me they were so excited and couldn’t wait for Wednesday; my levels were so high there was absolutely no doubt that I was pregnant! 
Now, imagine, I was working in a school where no one knew what was going on with me and I get this phone call!  All I wanted to do was scream at the top of my lungs, but I couldn’t!  Instead, I said, “Hold on guys,” and literally ran out my building into the street and screamed, cried, did my happy dance and probably said the words, “THANK YOU” a billion times!  I hung up the phone, took a deep breath and called my husband who was also at work. 
I tried to be as normal as possible and went through the usual, “Hey, what’s up?  How does your morning at work look?”  Then I said, “So, we’re pregnant!”  My husband I think dropped the phone and didn’t believe me!  I explained what happened and we immediately screamed and cried and planned how to tell our families.  Remember, no one thought I was finding anything out today so finally, we knew we could surprise them with something….
And that’s exactly what we did.  My husband left work a little early.  First we went to his parent’s house and told them the amazing news.  Then we went to my parents and told them.  Finally we went to his sister’s (who is my best friend in the world) and actually stopped at Taco Bell to pick up a taco first.  When my sister-in-law told us she was pregnant with our nephew and then 3 years later with our niece, it was over Mexican food).  At this point we all knew I was pregnant, but that’s it.  The fact that I was pregnant with twins was still unknown….

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