Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1 Burp, 2 Head Injuries and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Okay, today I have 2 stories to share and 1 "twins thing" as I like to call it, so here goes:
Last week I was at the diner for lunch with w friends and their kids after our mommy and me partial separation class.  I feel like when we first sit down somewhere and the kids are settled and we give them snacks while waiting for their food, the adults actually get a chance to talk for 5 minutes which is nice!  So, that’s what was happening and to be honest, I don’t even remember what we were talking about.  But, all of a sudden, we heard the loudest, and I mean loudest, truck-driver-like belch from someone at our table.  We looked and it came out of one of Kayla and Zoey’s little friends who shall remain anonymous, but needless to say is another girl.  It was so loud we all jumped, thinking maybe she was about to puke!  But, no, it was just a ridiculous burp.  After she finished, she smiled and kept right on eating.  Me and my 3 friends were laughing so hard, we had tears in our eyes.  It was truly hysterical!  I thought Zoey was a burper, but she has nothing on this girl!! 
Story number 2 is not as funny unfortunately.  On Sunday, Dave and I were playing with the girls in our living room while our friends were over for a visit.  The girls had taken out these flash cards they like to play with.  And when I say play, what I really mean is throw the cards all over the hardwood floors!  Anyway, Dave said he thought we should clean the cards up so nobody falls and of course within a second of him saying that Zoey came running over, slipped on the cards and fell backwards, hitting her butt first and then her head.  She cried hysterically for a minute but calmed down rather quickly.  Of course Dave and I were more nervous than she seemed to be.  Once she seemed okay Dave and I started testing her on all the things she knows, like where her body parts are and what noises animals make, to ensure there wasn’t any brain damage.  However, there was a bump on the back of her head the size of a golf ball.  So, our friends left, and we called the doctor.  She said to watch for anything unusual but otherwise not to worry too much.  And of course, as soon as we felt better, Kayla threw a mini tantrum and smacked the front of her face down on the hardwood floors.  Her lip and gums started bleeding and Dave and I just felt like we were in the twilight zone!  Really, both girls had to hit their heads within 20 minutes of each other?  Of course they did!  But, I’m happy to report everyone is doing fine now!
And, finally, onto my "twins thing" for the day.  When I had my twins anyone I met who had twins warned me that their personalities or dispositions would flip flop.  I smiled but thought to myself, “No way!  Kayla is always going to be my high maintenance girl and Zoey is always going to be more laid back.”  While, I have been proven wrong!  My girls have completely switched their dispositions lately, and to be honest, it’s so weird!  Now, Kayla is so playful and relaxed, with only the occasional tantrum thrown in there.  But, Zoey is like a different person!  She has developed this scream that is really more like a screech which is one of the most annoying and piercing sounds I’ve ever heard!  She is having a lot of trouble with patience and sharing with her sister.  Then, of course, there are times that she seems back to her usual happy self, but it’s like she becomes possessed at other times!  I’m wondering if things will switch back.  Or really, what I would prefer is for both my girls to become laid back, happy, wonderful almost perfect little toddlers!  What do you think the odds of that happening are?  Stay tuned to find out….

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