Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's all worth it!

So, now that my girls are healthy again, I have two funny stories to share:
At the girls’ last mommy and me class last week, the teachers were handing out their coloring books that the kids made all semester.  The teacher would call out a child’s name, but no child was able to reference him or herself at this age so the parent would grab the project of course.  But, when the teacher said, “Where’s Kayla?”  Zoey looked at her and pointed right at Kayla with this look that was saying, “Here she is silly!”  Then when the teacher asked, “Where’s Zoey?” Kayla did the same thing and pointed at Zoey.  It was hysterical and super adorable!!
Later that day we got home from class and lunch and the girls walked into the house.  I asked for their jackets and Zoey stood by the hall closet so I could take hers off and hang it up, but Kayla ran away.  After I hung up my jacket and Zoey’s jacket, I called out, “Kayla, where are you?”  I looked in the kitchen, but she wasn’t there.  I looked in the living room, but she wasn’t there.  I looked behind the couch, but she wasn’t there.  Zoey was with me the whole time looking as well.  Finally I turned around to head back towards the hall and I spot Kayla standing in the corner of the dining room with the funniest grin on her face, waiting for us to find her.  I started cracking up, so did she, so did Zoey and then Kayla ran from her hiding spot and Zoey followed her.  It was also hysterical and super adorable!
So, moral of the stories is, even though sometimes things can be so difficult like when you have 2 sick babies at home, there are moments like these that make it all worth it, I promise!

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