Monday, March 5, 2012

To Push or Not to Push

So, my husband recently got an I-phone and he is obsessed with it!  This weekend we were in the girls room right after they woke up and Dave decided to video them playing.  All of a sudden, my back was turned, and the next thing I know, Kayla is crying.  I look at Dave and he’s like, “Let’s go to the videotape!”  We watched back what he taped and fully saw Zoey push Kayla not once, but twice, kind of hard!  Kayla fell backwards and that’s when she started crying.  Now, granted, I think Kayla has to toughen up a little.  It’s pretty obvious to me that their roles have switched so Kayla needs to learn to stand up for herself the same way Zoey learned!  But, Zoey should not have pushed her.  The amazing thing is though, that no matter how rough they get with each other, they seem to know not to act like that with their friends.  Twins are really ridiculous!  Of course I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched the tape, especially after seeing Zoey try to act all innocent! And then of course, in true Kayla fashion, she tried to milk it later in the day by fake crying every time Zoey touched her and running immediately to me or Dave.  It was cute but a little absurd!   I think this week will be a good week to have twins! 

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