Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mommy

Happy belated mother’s day to everyone!  Now that I have been a mom for almost 2 years I can fully appreciate the holiday!  And I will say, Dave really spoiled me this year!  But, you know what’s even better than mother’s day?  Having your birthday every day!  Let me explain…

Zoey has been scared of the happy birthday song lately.  At every party we’ve been to, as soon as the lights go down, Zoey starts screaming, “No, no, all done!”  Of course she loves the cake after the fact, but is not into singing Happy Birthday at all.  So, to try to remedy this situation since we have a lot of birthday parties and I would like to be able to sing the song at the girls own party, we’ve started singing the song at home.  However, and I swear I did not do this, the first time we sang the song, Kayla decided to sing it to, “Mommy.”  Obviously I loved this and went with it!  But, now, both girls sing happy birthday, but only to “mommy.”  I am still loving it and like I said, what’s better than it being your birthday every day?!  But, this caused a little trouble this past weekend when instead of being scared of the happy birthday song, Zoey sang it out loud, but to me instead of the birthday girl!  Oh well, right?! 

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