Monday, January 23, 2012

2 Sick Babies

So, I have 2 sick babies at home and it sucks.  I feel so badly for them and I feel so badly for me too.  There’s just nothing worse than being stuck in your house all day for the last 4 days, trying to make both babies feel better but failing miserably.  I guess on the bright side it’s better to have them sick at the same time and get it over with rather than have 1 sick baby and just when she’s all better, have another sick baby.  But, still, this sucks!  This is one of the times when having twins is not so fun.  And while the girls are still cute and delicious, it’s just plain sad.  IN fact, here’s one of the sadder stories I have to tell so far:
As I’ve mentioned before, the girls are starting to talk, Zoey more so than Kayla.  So, it’s starting to get easier to figure out what they want.  Rather, I should say what they don’t want.  The girls seem to have a virus with runny noses, a little cough and fever.  So, periodically, throughout the day I’ve been taking their temperature to determine if I should give them Tylenol.  It seems that Zoey doesn’t really like having her temperature taken, and to be honest, I don’t blame her.  I would not like the thermometer where I put it either.  Anyway, last night as Dave and I are getting the girls ready for a bath, I took Zoey’s temperature and she started hysterically crying.  Through her sobs she started whimpering, “All done, all done.”  I thought I was going to lose it and start crying myself.  I felt so badly for her.  And she just kept repeating over and over, “all done all done.”  Obviously she wanted to me to be finished taking her temperature.  I felt horrible!  And now she has continued to do this today anytime I have taken her temperature.  It’s killing me!  I cannot wait for this virus to pass!
So, here’s some advice for when you have sick twin babies at home with you:  1.  DO watch Elmo, or any other TV show like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Kelly, Sean and Brett, that’s for you guys!), which seems to be one of the only things that calms Zoey down after the temperature fiasco and distracts the girls form not feeling well!  2.  DO NOT take their temperature any more than necessary!  3.  And DO, if possible, hire your babysitter to come over and deal with the babies while you treat yourself to some pampering like a manicure and a glass of wine.  I cannot wait for Emma to come here tomorrow afternoon!  Wish me luck everyone and hope that the girls both feel better soon!

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