Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Conversation

So, I’ve mentioned before that Kayla seems to have her own language.  And, while that is certainly still the case, it’s getting much easier to understand her.  She’s definitely using many more real words and I think Zoey gets it now too!  IN fact, this weekend was the first time Dave and I saw them actually talk to each other!

We bought a water table and a mini pool for our patio since it doesn’t seem so easy for me to take the girls to the big pool in our development by myself.  Dave wanted to see them use it all for the first time so Saturday afternoon we set it up for them.  Kayla, being the braver one always, got right into the baby pool without any hesitation.  Zoey, on the other hand, was playing cool on the sidelines just watching her sister.  After a little while she wanted to sit up on one of our chairs like her daddy was.  Then, we asked Kayla if she wanted Zoey to come in the pool with her.  Of course she said yes, so we told her to go tell her.  She literally stood up in the pool, carefully got herself out, walked over to Zoey on her chair, tapped her on the leg and looked directly in her eyes and said, “ZZ, pool with me, ZZ, pool me,” and pointed over to the baby pool.  Zoey got a huge smile on her face, looked right back at Kayla, but said an emphatic, “no!”  This exchange continued a few times and Dave and I were loving it!  Unfortunately, Zoey never ended up going in the pool with Kayla, but eventually she did walk over and play with the toys from the outside.

It’s a story like this that reminds on the bad days why having twins is so worth it!

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