Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good morning Zoey!

Okay, so I owe Kayla an apology (especially if she ever reads my blog when she learns how to read!).  The last few days she has been getting better for sure!  In fact, she’s also been starting to try to repeat words a little bit more, with some more success, so maybe her behavior is related to her frustration.  Either way, whatever it is, let me tell you a super cute story that happened the other day:
On Sunday morning, the girls slept a little later than usual, more like 7:15 am.  We heard Kayla much more so than Zoey so Dave crept into their room and grabbed Kayla to let Zoey sleep a little longer, especially since she had woken up around 5 am for a few minutes.  Anyway, as soon as Dave brought Kayla into our room, she kept grunting and pointing towards the door.  Dave opened our door and let her walk and she walked right to her room.  She tried to open her door, but Dave grabbed her and brought her back to our room.  This happened another 2 times.  Finally, I said to just let Kayla go and let’s see what she does.  She literally ran to her room, opened her door and ran up to Zoey’s crib, where Zoey was still sleeping.  Kayla poked her hand through the bars in Zoey’s crib and started poking Zoey and hysterically laughing!  Of course this finally woke up Zoey who saw Kayla, gave the biggest smile and started waving at her!  Then, the 2 girls started trying to kiss each other through Zoey’s crib!  It was delicious!  This week’s a good week to have twins!!

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