Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for School...Almost!

Oh my Gd, I just got back from registering the girls for nursery school for next year!  This feels crazy!  I cannot believe I will have two 2-year olds that will be in school!  I had the option of doing 2, 3 or 4 mornings per week and I have decided on 4 mornings.  I am so excited for the girls, but secretly (or not so secretly since I’m blogging about it!) I am super excited for me too!!  I’m just having a tough time picturing what they will be like 8 months from now, going off to school on their own!  I wonder if they’ll be similar to the way they are now, which as I’ve mentioned before is so different.  In fact, lately, I’m noticing their differences even more.
This weekend Dave and I finally put together this adorable tree house we got for the girls birthday from a few of our friends.  We originally thought we would wait and set it up outside in the spring but the girls we decided to just do it now in our basement.  And as soon as were set it up, all on her own, Kayla taught herself to climb the three steps to the top, turn around onto her butt and then slide down the slide!  We were literally awed!  Of course Zoey could not do this by herself and needed help climbing up and then switching to go down the slide.  But in the same day, she repeated several ridiculously hard words, like Hanukkah and mascara!  So, I truly feel like I have one very physical girl and one very verbal girl.  I am dying to see if this trend will continue when they are older.  Maybe Kayla will be more of the athlete and Zoey will be a literary genius!  Only time will tell….

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