Monday, October 10, 2011


So, in the last year there have been some amazing “firsts” and some not so amazing “firsts!”  Some of the best and worst moments have definitely been when one or both of my girls did something for the first time.  Let’s talk about the good ones first…
While I don’t remember the exact moment as well as I wish I did, the first time the girls smiled and I didn’t think it was gas was a heart melter for sure!  But, the 2 “firsts” that were the biggest life changers for me were the first time they both slept through the night and the first time they both sat up by themselves.  As for sleeping, I think it’s pretty obvious as to why that made a HUGE difference in my life (and my husband’s!).  When we woke up the next morning, we both looked at each other and asked if the other one had heard anything?  We just couldn’t believe they actually slept.  Of course, then all I could think about that day was if they would do it again that night!  And they did!  At about 5.5 months, I had 2 babies that slept 12 hours and continue to today (I’m knocking on wood as I type this because I don’t want to jinx anything.  I have 2 amazing sleepers and I don’t think I could handle it if that changed!).
Sitting up made a big difference for a few reasons.  First of all, once the girls sat up both of them seemed to be relieved of their reflux symptoms.  They were spitting up less, which meant not only were they happier, but I could actually wear some of my nice clothes I had been dying to fit back into without the worry of smelling like cheese!  And, the sitting up just made everything better!  The girls could be entertained for longer periods of time sitting up and playing with toys.  I think this is also when they kind of started interacting with each other a little bit.  Kayla would have a toy and Zoey would reach over for it.  It was amazing to see them together – 2 babies sitting up and playing is truly indicative of the saying “2 is better than 1!”  This is when I started believing that!!
Unfortunately, along with these wonderful moments, there were some scary “firsts” too.  As I mentioned in my last blog, my mommy friends have saved me over this last year.  They also helped give me the confidence that I can totally manage 2 babies.  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that I definitely have my limitations as a mother of twins.   Let me explain, but please do not think I’m a bad mother!
During the summer, I had a playgroup on Fridays at my pool in my development.  A bunch of us got together with the babies to swim and eat lunch.  My pool has a baby pool which made it manageable for me to attend with the girls.  And of course, my friends were always ready to help if I needed it.  Anyway, 1 Friday only my friend Carrie and I could make it so we met at the pool as usual, played, had lunch and went back in the pool.  As we were getting ready to get out, I grabbed Kayla and then went to pick Zoey up at the same time to step out of the baby pool.  I must have stepped on something as I started getting up and Zoey literally fell out of my arms.  She flipped in the air and landed face down in the pool.  Carrie grabbed Kayla from me and I grabbed Zoey who cried (thank G-d that meant she was breathing) and I have to say, calmed down pretty quickly.  I, on the other hand, thought I had just killed my baby and started freaking out a little!  In the meantime, Carrie’s daughter Ava was playing and was totally fine.  Carrie was amazing – she kept me calm, helped me get both girls out of the pool and tried to make me laugh about it.  I wasn’t totally there yet, but everyone seemed okay.  I brought the girls home, called Dave to tell him what I did and watched Zoey like a hawk the rest of the day.  Of course Carrie checked in and everything seemed fine.  That night Zoey had a bath and seemed perfectly content in the water. (As a former lifeguard and swim instructor I was scared she would now be scared of the water.)  The next day Dave and I took the girls back to the pool and Zoey was amazing in the water!  She was splashing and laughing and actually stretching out her arms and legs to “swim.”  So, while the first time I thought I killed my kid was scary, if Zoey becomes an Olympic swimmer in her future, I would like a little credit for getting her used to the pool (in an unconventional way that I do not recommend)!!

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