Monday, October 24, 2011

We have a walker!

Oh my God, Kayla is walking!! 
About 3 weeks ago, she took her first steps.  I was at my sister-in-law’s house, in her newly finished basement and Kayla stood up on her own which she had been doing for a while.  Jaimie said, “Kayla, come to Aunt Jaimie.”  Kayla looked at her, looked at me and fully took 3 steps to her Aunt Jaimie!  It was amazing!  Ever since then, she would take a few steps here or there, but not really take off.  I went to this fabulous baby and kid shoe store and would ask every day if I should get her real walking shoes yet, but the answer was always, “No!”  I was told to wait until she was taking 7-10 steps consistently.  So I waited. And waited. And waited.
In the meantime, because my sister-in-law is my best friend, we do a lot of things together.  Since she was finishing her basement, I decided it was time to finish my basement.  Of course, we used the same company and as soon as they were ready they started my basement.  The only problem with that was that now I was pretty much stuck upstairs in the girls’ room with them any time we were home.  Their room is super nice, but kind of small, especially with 2 cribs in it.  So, this left little room for Kayla to really practice her walking.
But, finally, my basement was finished this weekend, and Kayla literally took off!  She walked across the whole room, multiple times, smiling and laughing the whole time!  She is so proud of herself!  And, she’s walked out in public too!  It’s ridiculously adorable!  And, it makes me feel like she’s not such a baby anymore!  She’s really getting to be a big girl!  And here, I remember being so nervous that as preemies; the girls would be delayed with everything.  But, at 13.5 months I fully have a walker! 
Zoey, on the other hand, is not there yet.  She’s been about a month behind Kayla with most developmental milestones.  And she did take her first few steps alone with me and her babysitter, who is like part of my family at this point.  Literally she is amazing!  She even bought the girls their first pairs of Uggs – Emma’s the best!  Anyway, now, Zoey won’t let go of my fingers when she walks.  She wants to walk constantly, especially when she sees Kayla walking.  But, she won’t let go again, at least not yet.  We’ll see when she gets brave enough….That should be a whole new adventure!    

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