Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Card Take Two!

So, its 9 pm and I just finished stamping and addressing our new year’s holiday card.  That’s right, I said holiday card.  I know 2 weeks ago I wrote how trying to get a picture of the girls together for a holiday card was impossible so I gave up.  But, then my husband decided yesterday that we should do a card because he wanted his work colleagues to have one.  Seriously Dave?  It’s already the end of December!  I would have had everything ready for this card at least 2 months ago when I originally tried to start planning it.  And now, after knowing me for over 13 years and how ridiculously organized I am, you ask me to do a card now?  Ridiculous!!  But, I did it!  One of my babysitters, who I’ve mentioned before, Emma, took some amazing pictures of the girls that I originally declined to use for a card because to be honest, I didn’t love the outfits they were in.  Like I’ve said before, one of my favorite parts about having my twin girls is dressing them!  Even when it seemed like I was in the twilight zone those first 4 months of their lives, getting them dressed was always my favorite part of every day.  So, therefore, their outfits were a major issue for the perfect holiday card picture.  But, to give Emma credit where credit is due, the pictures she took did come out beautiful!  So, yesterday I used one of her photos on a card that is for new years, made it on Kodak gallery, sent it to be picked up at Target today.  I then ordered a stamp for my return address because I didn’t have time to reorder my adorable return address labels with caricatures of the four of us.  I also ran to get stamps.  Today I went to pick up the cards which weren’t ready when I originally got to Target even though I had received an email saying they would be ready!  So, I went back a few hours later, picked them up with a 15% discount for being late and just finished putting them all together.  We kept it small this year because of the last minute decision so literally I am just sending a card out to Dave’s work people, our family and our closest of friends.  But, tomorrow morning I will put the cards in the mail and it will be done with!  I guess I can admit I’m happy we made the card, but next year I am definitely doing it my way, 2 months in advance, and hopefully with complete cooperation from my girls!  Yeah right, wishful thinking!  Happy, happy holidays everyone!!

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