Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Similar Mannerisms

I think one of the most amazing things about having twins is that you get to watch two individual people grow up together and notice what kind of effects that has on each of them.  Now, granted, my girls are only 15 months old, which is still super young.  But, I have already started noticing some fascinating things about them.  Really, I’ve noticed one of the defining aspects of being related – similar mannerisms.  I’m sure there are things I do or say in a certain way that is “exactly how my mom does it.”  But, with twins, it just seems cooler when you see them doing things the same or doing things differently.  I feel like especially with fraternal twins, the things they do the same are incredible, since they really are supposed to be different!  Here is my list of things I’ve noticed so far that my girls do exactly the same.  And to be honest, as I’m writing this, while I think it’s cool, it’s pretty freaky too!
1.        Now that both girls are walking, I notice that they walk the same.  Both of their backs arch a little and they take the same size steps with each foot.  It’s actually hysterical!  Besides the fact that Kayla is a little slimmer than Zoey and her hair is lighter, from the back, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell who is who!
2.       I made it a point to introduce sippy cups very early.  As I’ve mentioned before, my girls hated their bottles.  And as tortuous as every feeding was, I tried to remember that bottles would not last forever.  However, cups and sipping through straws could.  So, I introduced cups super early and the girls got the hang of it pretty quickly if I do say so myself!  They totally hold their cups the same way with their fingers in the same place and make the same ridiculously adorable faces as they suck through their straws.  It looks like it takes so much effort for them to do it, while at the same time they’re having so much fun with it!  And, that expression is exactly the same on both of them!
3.       I also think I’ve mentioned that Kayla learned how to shake her head for “no.”  Of course as soon as she figured it out, everything became no.  And I shouldn’t be surprised that now Zoey has learned not only to shake her head for “no” but that it’s super fun to say no to everything!  And they both shake their heads the same, with the same speed and the same distance from side to side.  They even have the same smirk on their faces as they shake their heads and the same devilish gleam in their eyes, like they know I want them to say yes, but are refusing to do so!  As annoying as this game of “no” is getting, I have to admit when they do it together, it is freaking cute!
4.       Each of my girls sleeps with one of those animal blankies.  Zoey has piggy and Kayla has duckie.  They are both obsessed with their animals and the second we get into their room for naptime or bedtime, they each run to their cribs and reach for their blankies (I don’t let them have them outside of their bedroom).  Anyway, they both suck their thumbs (different thumbs though) while holding their blankies in the same exact way.  They also rotate their blankies in the same way until they find the tag and seem to prefer to hold onto that part while sucking their thumbs.  Again, I know I am in for a world of hurt from orthodontic bills because of the thumb sucking, but watching them snuggle up like that is just too delicious to care about!
So, those are the main mannerisms that I have noticed are similar.  Believe me; everything else about the girls is as different as can be!  At least, so far it is.  Now, I have to give credit where credit is due.  One of my friends in my development, Jen, asked me about similar mannerisms the other day while we were all hanging out for football Sunday.  I thought it was such a fabulous question and that’s what really made me start thinking about it.  Of course my other neighbor Scott had a snide comment, like, “Why don’t you blog about it?”  I think he might have been making fun of me a little, but thank you Scott!  I actually totally like this blog so there (I’m sticking my tongue out at you!).  Seriously, Jen and Scott, thanks for the idea! 

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