Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad days are really bad!

                Before I start venting this week, I need to give a shout out.  My close friend Sean reminded me that I forgot to put a very important fact on my lists of why twins could be better or harder, and this one counts for both.  At birthday [parties, especially at this age when the girls are too young to totally appreciate it, I get 2 pieces of cake or 2 cupcakes, 2 of whatever dessert is being served.  This is fabulous for me and my husband because we each get the yummy treats.  But, it could also be bad when I’m trying to lose my baby weight!  So, Sean, excellent point, I’m just not sure if it belongs in my “better” list or my “harder” list!  Either, way I will admit I have been enjoying this little twins perk lately!
                Onto this week.  I have been having a few bad days lately.  I could blame it on teething because I really do think both of my girls are getting entire mouths of teeth right now.  Or, I could blame it on the weird weather – first it’s winter-like, then it almost feels like summer.  Maybe for Zoey, she’s frustrated that she’s still not walking on her own.  Wait, is she frustrated, or am I just frustrated?  Probably both of us!  But, in general, I think it’s just the life of having babies.  And, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 baby, twins or 10 babies at the same time, there are just going to be bad days and I think it’s important for all us parents out there to remember that.  We’re human and sometimes we still wish we could just snuggle up in bed and do nothing, even though we’re supposed to be adults now.  This is what’s been happening:
                On Monday I had a playgroup in my development with my fabulous mommy friends and everything started out great.  The girls were playing in the basement, laughing hysterically at the singing Mickey Mouse doll (which is now on their long Hanukkah list) and having a lot of fun with their friends.  We went upstairs to the kitchen to eat lunch and I think what happened next is partially my fault.  I didn’t feel like dragging my 2 booster seats with me so I tried to feed the girls their pizza with them sitting on the floor.  Big mistake!  Kayla was walking all over the place and wouldn’t sit still and then Zoey was crawling and following her.  I eventually gave up and tried to put them in a high chair and a booster seat and Zoey started screaming bloody murder!  Literally, I have rarely seen her get like this.  So, I picked her up and of course, the second Kayla saw me do that, she started crying hysterically.  While my friends were trying to help, it got so bad, I actually had to leave.  I couldn’t believe the fit they were throwing, bad enough that I actually left, which I can’t remember ever having to do even when the girls were young and had reflux and could be so difficult at times!  I was so upset!
                Then, on Tuesday, I met a mommy friend for lunch and we went to my favorite place, The Mixed Grill, in Plainview (I am literally there at least twice a week!)  Kayla’s new thing is she likes to wiggle her way out of the high chair and stand up.  She kept doing it so I took her out and what do you know?  As soon as I lifted her up, all Zoey could do was say, “Up, up” and point her hands to the sky.  I gave in and took her out and found, myself sitting on the floor of the restaurant trying to contain my 2 girls.  Not fun! 
                Then, this morning, I took the girls on a walk and after about 20 minutes in their stroller, they started getting a little antsy.  I took them out and we walked up and down the sidewalks in my development.  Well, Kayla walked and Zoey walked with me holding 1 of my fingers.  I was ready to bring them inside and I said to Kayla, “Kayla, come inside with Mommy and Zoey.”  She looked at me, shook her head no, and proceeded to walk in the other direction.  I tried again and the same thing happened.  I was floored!  I’m proud of her that she understands me and can respond to me, but shaking her head no is definitely the wrong response!  Needless to say, after the last few days, I think I need a drink, or maybe 10!
                But, I do have to remind myself that as many bad days as I have with my girls, the good days do tend to outweigh the bad.  They are just very delicious right now and learning so much every second.  For the most part, I can’t stand to be away from them for too long.  I can just eat them up.  But, not today.  Maybe tomorrow and I just have to remind myself that it’s okay to feel this way!  Thanks for listening!

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