Monday, November 21, 2011

Zoey's walking!!!!!

Oh my God, Zoey’s walking!!!!!!
Finally, after taking her first steps about a month and a half ago, and after miles and miles of walking holding onto my pinky finger, this weekend Zoey started walking all by herself!  I am so ridiculously proud of her and so relieved she made it!  I feel like having preemies makes you a little wary of developmental milestones.  And, while Kayla has hit every one of them on time, I’m always a little more worried about Zoey.  I shouldn’t be because she has hit every milestone also, just about a month-6 weeks behind Kayla.  And walking was no different.  She literally started walking 5 weeks after Kayla!
Now, the fun really begins.  Zoey is definitely still looking like a drunken sailor with her steps, but she keeps taking more and more on her own.  I think once she’s a little steadier on her feet, things will get interesting.  I will have 2 walking babies!!  Of course I am super naive and I’m expecting that they will always go in the same direction with each other and listen to me when I ask them to come to me.  I’m sure I am in for a huge reality check!  My guess is my girls will be constantly going in opposite directions.  At least I’m going to get skinny running after them! 
I know this blog is a little short, but I just wanted to share the fabulous news about Zoey with everyone.  And Kayla’s still delicious too!  Oh, but before I sign off this week, I highly recommend everyone check out a friend of a friend’s amazing blog:  Dani, the blogger, just won a cool award and gave me a shout out which I so appreciate it!  And her blog is awesome!!  Anyway, happy thanksgiving everyone and I’ll write again after the holiday.

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